Sidewalk & Crosswalk Program

About the program

New developments in Bothell are required to construct sidewalks along the project’s street frontage, but it hasn't always been that way. To address pedestrian safety where sidewalks and crosswalks don't exist, the City established the Sidewalk & Crosswalk Program. The budget for this program varies depending on grants awarded. The estimated annual budget for this program is $450,000 in City funds which may be supplemented with additional grant funds.

What does this work include?

  • Analyzing sidewalk and curb ramp conditions
  • Coordinating sidewalk construction with other roadway work
  • Ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Prioritizing sidewalk and crosswalk projects
  • Seeking grant funding 
  1. Funding sidewalks & crosswalks

    We budget annually for sidewalk and crosswalk construction, with a portion of those funds set aside specifically for the Safe School Walk Routes program.

  2. Pedestrian Flags Crosswalk Program

    The levy provides funds for a pedestrian safety flag program for school crosswalks throughout Bothell.

  3. Prioritizing the projects

    The current priority list includes approximately 2180 projects. The list is reviewed annually and adjusted as conditions change.

  4. ADA grievances

    The City of Bothell is committed to providing equal access for persons with disabilities in its programs, services, and activities.