Main Street Businesses are open

  1. Business access during construction

    See maps showing how to access Main Streets businesses during construction.

  2. Outreach materials for businesses

    If you're a participating business (or would like to be), you can view and request free "Main Street Revitalization" outreach materials from the City.

  3. Participating businesses

    See a list of Main Street businesses that are offering deals for customers during construction.

  4. Upcoming events

    Main Street has something for everyone! Check out the 2017 event lineup.

Come visit!

Main St Business open sign

Meeting for Main St. business & property owners

Thank you to everyone who came to the Apr. 19 meeting. If you missed it, let us know and we'll bring you up to speed.

Renderings of future Main Street

Click an image to open it as a JPG file.

Mid-block perspective

Mid-block Perspective (JPG)

Main Street perspective

Main Street Perspective (JPG)

Illustrative site plan

Illustrative Site Plan (JPG)