Storefront Studio

Storefront Studio books now available

You can order a book of the final proposals for $24.59 through by searching Bothell 2017. You can also download a free PDF there.

Background on the Storefront Studio

The City of Bothell worked with the University of Washington Architecture Department’s “Storefront Studio” this spring to develop designs for façade and other improvements in the historic downtown core. The Storefront Studio is a UW Architecture outreach program focusing on the historic Main Streets of Washington State communities. The students, in the final quarter of their undergraduate programs in architecture and building construction at the main campus in Seattle, focused on preservation/restoration and economic development.

The project included: 

  • Meetings with the staff and students to provide background on the Downtown Plan and our historic core
  • Student tours of Main Street
  • A Kickoff meeting with a panel of community stakeholders with perspectives on the history and future of downtown
  • Three community open houses to present the students’ developing proposals.

The Studio has been recognized by King County Executive and awarded the John D Spellman Historic Preservation Award for a long term record of community assistance.

More information:

  1. Dave Boyd

    Senior Planner
    Phone: 425-806-6406

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