Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division consists of Traffic, Northsound Metro SWAT, Police Support Officers (PSO), Narcotics K-9 Program, Animal Control, and the Field Training Program.
  1. Animal Services

    The City of Bothell provides a variety of animal services to residents.

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  2. Narcotics K-9

    The purpose of the Narcotics K-9 is to locate controlled substances and items commonly used for the transportation, manufacture, or distribution of narcotics.

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  3. Police Support Section

    The Police Support Section includes police support officers whose functions include the processing and storage of police evidence in accordance with State laws, and processing and transporting suspects to and from the police station to jail facilities that the Department is under contract with for detention services.

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  4. Special Response Team

    The goal of the Special Response Team is to resolve critical incidents with a high degree of tactical precision and professionalism.

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  1. Mike Johnson

    Police Captain
    Phone: 425-487-5127