Former Wayne Golf Course

Map of Former Wayne Golf Course

Come Enjoy the Former Wayne Golf Course!

There are 89 acres of open space and trails to explore!  Enjoy passive activities such as walking, running, picnicking, bird-watching, legal fishing, biking, drop-in sports such as flag football, soccer, and the like. No organized events are allowed in the open space.

Please stay on the paths in the designated Salmon Habitat area (see map). 

the Former Wayne Golf Course opens 30 minutes before sunrise, and closes 30 minutes before sunset.
Parking is available at the old Golf Course Clubhouse (16721 96th Ave NE), or a short walk down the trail at Blyth Park.
Dogs are allowed in the open space, but must be kept on-leash at all times. Owners are required to pick up after their dogs. Read Bothell's Parks & Leash Laws.
Golf is no longer permitted.
Closed to the public:The clubhouse and house/storage areas east of Waynita Way are currently closed for safety reasons.

Please follow any additional signage posted in the open space area.

Active Use Area - Four Acres on West Side 

A  feasibility study and market analysis was just completed  to help determine the financial sustainability of building a destination amenity with a public use-component on the active use area.  This effort is led by Jeanie Ashe, Economic Development Manager. Please reach out to her with any questions.  

We recently held a public information session to learn more. Information presented:

Agenda, City Presentation, Hunden Presentation, Flyer  

Construction Staging for Sammamish River Bridge Retrofit Project

During approximately October 2019 through 2020, this area will be used for construction and construction staging to complete a seismic retrofit of the bridge on 96th Ave NE/Waynita Way. This is temporary and not to be confused with the feasibility study. Check out the project webpage to learn more! 

Have You NotiFlowers at former Wayne Golf Courseced the Improvements to the Landscape and Salmon Habitat?

In May, the Community Church of Seattle helped us tackle some overgrown brush and invasive plants along the edge near the Burke Gilman Trail. In April, we celebrated Arbor Day and volunteers helped plant new trees and gorgeous annuals for some welcome new colors to the parking lot. 

As you enter the open space, you will notice many new signs reminding pet owners to...(more)

History of the Property and Acquisition 

The Bothell Historical Society has shared a few photographs. 

Former Wayne Golf Course Fact Sheet

Used with permission from the Bothell Historical Society. Please contact for copyright information.

Open Space Naming & Master Planning Process

Thank you to everyone who submitted name suggestions!  At the April 3, 2018 council meeting, City Council requested an expanded and enhanced naming process. No timeline has been set for a new park name.

Funds have not yet been allocated for the Planning Process.  Check back here in 2020 for an update.

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Deeds & Easements