Bothell Urban EMS District Proposition 1

Voters in the Snohomish County area of the Bothell City limits will see a Bothell Urban Emergency Medical Service Levy on their general election ballots.

Ballot title: Emergency Medical Service Tax Equalization Levy

Will the Bothell Urban Emergency Medical Service District be authorized to impose regular property tax levies of $.335 or less per thousand dollars of assessed valuatoin for each of six consecutive years? 

Background information about the EMS levy

The current six-year levy expires on January 1, 2018. A new six-year levy would continue to provide both Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support to the Snohomish County area within the City through 2023.

Property owners within the King County portion of the City are paying $0.335 per thousand Assessed Value (AV) and those within the City's Snohomish County area are paying $0.30 per thousand AV. Council approved a Snohomish County levy rate of up to $0.335 per thousand AV for 2018 - 2023 to match what King County residents currently pay. The current King County E.M.S. (KCEMS) six-year levy will expire on December 31, 2019, so the Snohomish County portion of the levy is two years ahead of King County. King County's rate for the next six year period has not yet been set, but KCEMS anticipates it will not increase beyond $0.35 per thousand AV in the next levy.

Estimated revenue in 2018 is $1,212,858 based on current assessed valuation per thousand at the $0.335 levy rate. The revenue would help to keep pace with ongoing increases in expenses. It will not provide an increased service level.