Shorelines Board

The City has reinstated the Shorelines Board in 2018 to work on an update to the Bothell Shorelines Management Program (SMP). The SMP governs development next to the Sammamish River and North Creek. This update is due to be completed by the end of June 2019. The Shorelines Board advises the City Council on proposed amendments to the Bothell SMP. Members must live in the City of Bothell. 

For more information, please contact Senior Planner Dave Boyd 425-806-6406.

Board Members
 David Bain - Position 1 (term expires 3/31/2023)
 David Cox - Position 2 (term expires 3/31/2023)
 Ann Aagaard - Position 3 (term expires 3/31/2023)
 Patrick Ewing - Position 4 (term expires 3/31/2023)
 Ryan Page - Position 5 (term expires 3/31/2023)
 James Orr - Position 6 (term expires 3/31/2023)
 Sarah Gustafson - Position 7 (term expires 3/31/2023)