Puget Sound Starts Here

It starts with you!

City of Bothell is working with hundreds of organizations across Puget Sound to challenge you to do at least one action that helps keep the Puget Sound healthy. What will you do?

8 simple ways you can help keep puget sound healthy
Take a look at the eight simple ways.

About Puget Sound Starts Here

Puget Sound Starts Here (PSSH) is made up of more than 750 organizations working together to raise awareness about how our everyday actions affect Puget Sound.

What happens when it rains

When it rains, water flows over hard surfaces like roofs, parking lots, driveways, streets, and lawns where the soil has been packed down. As rainwater flows towards ditches and storm drains, it picks up dog poop, lawn chemicals like fertilizer and pesticides, motor vehicle oil, and many other pollutants.

Do you know where that polluted rainwater goes next? Right into our local streams, lakes and wetlands that eventually empty into the Puget Sound. Your actions have an impact – it’s your choice whether to make it a negative or a positive one. 

Be the solution

Learn more about how you can get involved at www.pugetsoundstartshere.org.