Report spills

How to report a spill

If the spill is a direct hazard to human or environmental health, call



Otherwise, call the Spill Hotline at 


 or fill out the Report Spills form online as soon as you can.
Spill Hotline (PNG)

Why it matters

Spills to our roads and storm drains are carried through our stormwater system to local streams. From there, they can cause serious problems for people, pets, and the environment.

Always call us right away if you see a spill so we can clean it up before it can reach our local streams.

Examples of things to report

Let us know if you see these things going into or making their way toward a storm drain. A good rule of thumb? If you wouldn't want to swim in it, report it!
  • Car wash water
  • Vehicle fluids
  • Construction site debris
  • Paint
  • Chemicals of any kind

Thanks for helping protect our streams!

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