Fundraiser Alternatives

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Why not try a green, low-cost fundraiser instead of a car wash?

These alternatives are more environmentally-friendly and can help you raise just as much money as a car wash - sometimes even more!

Have an auction

Ask local businesses for donated items or services to auction. Involve teachers and parents by offering hobby-specific experiences like a fly-fishing adventure or cooking lessons. 

Hold a magazine drive

Even with all the technology we have, people do still read magazines! Learn more at Great American Opportunities and American Publishers.

Sell cookie dough

Because who doesn't like being able to make warm, gooey, fresh cookies magically appear in less than 12 minutes?

Hold a Walk-a-Thon or Fun Run

People can pledge a certain dollar amount for each lap students walk or run for their cause.

Stuck on car washing? 

Here are some safe options.

Sell commercial car wash tickets

Commercial Commercial car washes capture and treat their car wash water, so they protect local streams. Brown Bear and the Western Carwash Association sell discounted tickets for fundraisers.

Collect e-waste for recycling

Gather items like old cell phones, laptops, iPods, and empty ink cartridges. It costs nothing to participate, and there's no limit to how much money you can raise by collecting items. Check out sites like Cartridges for Kids and Funding Factory to get started.

Sell local coupon books

Chinook Book gathers great offers from a carefully-selected community of local businesses who are committed to environmental and socially responsible business practices. With print edition and mobile app options, your donors can save all year on local organic groceries, experiences and adventures, sustainable home and garden solutions, wellness services, farm-to-table restaurants, handmade and upcycled gifts, and more. 
Wash Me

Rent a car wash stall

Some facilities allow you to rent a stall/bay for the day.

Divert wash water 

Divert the wash water to a large grass or gravel surface that will allow the wash water to completely infiltrate into the soil.

Use waterless car washing products

Waterless products with microfiber towels remove dirt without scratching the paint and provide a nice wax coat.

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Learn how to have a successful fundraiser

Get expert tips, ideas, and resources for raising funds for your school by checking out the Community for Accredited Online Schools' website.
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