Survive the Sound 2022

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Sponsor a fish. Save a species.

What's the problem?

Predators, disease, pollution, oh my! It’s tough in Puget Sound for steelhead. Something fishy is going on. Young steelhead are having a hard time surviving the trek from their freshwater homes to the open ocean. But Long Live the Kings is honing in on the problem and providing new hope for these unseen heroes. Using special high-tech tracking devices, they can discover where a steelhead's voyage is cut short and what might be leading to their untimely demise.

How we helped

In 2022, Team #Bothell followed a group of young steelhead through Survive the Sound! From May 2 - 6, we watched our team spokesfish, Hank, in its migratory race to survive Puget Sound. Along the way, we learned about the obstacles these steelhead face on their perilous journey.

Sponsorship proceeds from the annual Survive the Sound race are helping Long Live the Kings in their efforts to restore wild salmon and steelhead. Come along on the journey with us again next year!

Team #Bothell's spokesfish was Hank

As in years past, we asked the Bothell community to vote for which fish they thought should represent Team #Bothell as its spokesfish. In 2022, the voters chose Hank, the beautiful fish you see below, to win the race.

I'm Hank, your spokesfish! I was designed by Swinomish artist Jeanette Quintasket. Click me to learn more about me on my blog!



All fish avatars on this page are the creations and property of Long Live the Kings.

  1. Christi Cox (she/her)

    Surface Water Program Coordinator