Responsible Home Maintenance

Stay green with home maintenance and repairs

Summer is almost here, along with the nice weather. It’s a great time to tackle some of those home maintenance or repair projects you’ve been putting off, or spruce up your yard. But remember – allowing any polluted wash water into the streets and storm drains is against the law (BMC 18.04.260). Whether you’re doing the work yourself of hiring a contractor, you’re responsible for what goes into the public storm system.

Common sources of pollution

Carpet cleaning

BS CarpetCleaning
Pollutants from these activities can harm you, your pets, and the environment. Protect yourself, your family, and your local streams by keeping polluted wash water out of Bothell’s storm drains.

When hiring a professional to do the work, use carpet cleaning, maintenance, and pressure washing services that don't dump their wash water into our storm drains.