Fall 2020 Workshops

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This fall we’re partnering with the experts at Tilth Alliance again to offer you a series of online Natural Yard Care workshops! Learn from the gardening gurus by registering for any of our free workshops. Are you a new gardener who wants to know the basics of yard design? Are you a seasoned gardener ready to learn about more advanced topics? We're offering a variety of classes to suit your interests.

Requirements for participation

To view and participate in the workshops, you will need an email address, a stable internet connection, and a Zoom account set up in advance. If you do not already have one, you can create your free Zoom account here.

Preregistration is required for all workshops. Click here to register for one, two, or all three workshops.

Design a Healthy Yard

September 30, 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Sometimes we think of spring and summer as the seasons for our gardens to really shine, but fall is the perfect time to plant shrubs and trees. If you’re new to gardening or just want a refresher, this class will teach the basics about how to design a yard, how to choose plants that will thrive in our Pacific Northwest climate, and how to give them a good start in your own garden. This is an online class. 

Register for Design a Healthy Yard

Click to register for Sept. 30


Put Your Garden to Bed

October 7, 7 - 8:30 p.m. 

Most seasoned gardeners already know that building healthy soil is integral to healthy plants. In this class aimed at gardeners who already have some experience, you’ll learn how to put your edible and ornamental gardens to bed to prepare them for spring. We’ll also teach you how to tidy up your yard in a way that still provides essential habitat to the wildlife that help keep your garden healthy year-round. This is an online class. 

Register for Put Your Garden to Bed

Click to register for Oct. 7


Fall Yard Maintenance

October 14, 7 - 8:30 p.m.

Are you a gardener with an established yard but you just aren’t sure what to prune or how to best maintain it as you head into fall? Come to this class geared towards all levels of gardeners to learn about companion planting, fall maintenance, and pruning in a Northwest Garden. This is an online class.

Register for Fall Yard Maintenance

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After you register

At least one week before the workshop, we will email you confirmation of your registration and a link to a webpage containing:
  • Publications you may want to download before the workshop
  • Instructions on accessing and using Zoom
  • Helpful tips for Natural Yard Care
We will email you a Zoom link to each workshop you signed up for at least 24 hours before the workshop is scheduled to begin.

Thanks for joining us!

We look forward to "seeing" you this year, even if it's not in-person! While you're eagerly awaiting the workshops, learn more about Natural Yard Care.
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