Proposition 1 Ballot Language

The ballot language will be in substantially the same form as follows but may require some minor revisions:

Proposition 1
Public Safety Levy Lid Lift

The Bothell City Council passed Ordinance No. 2253 (2018) concerning increased regular levy funding for public safety purposes.
If approved, this proposition would increase public safety funding for new fire and emergency services, police officers, mental health professionals and support staff, and other public safety expenses. The maximum 2019 levy rate would be $1.96/$1,000 of assessed value (an estimated $220 increase on a $500,000 home). The limit factor on levy increases for the next five years would equal inflation, measured by CPI-W. The 2024 levy would be used to calculate levy limits under state law through 2030.

Should this proposition be approved?

YES   ………
NO    ……….