Community Events in 2018

We've wrapped up our community events for 2018, but take a look at what we did and be sure to check back for more events in 2019.

What we did in 2018

  • First Day of Spring Celebration at Wayne Golf Course 
  • Earth Day Employee Event 
  • Citywide Open House 
  • Horse Creek Mitigation Planting 
  • Music in the Park 
  • Panasonic Perks at Work 
  • Streamside Restoration Workshop 
  • Sustainamania 
  • Sandbag Filling with Boy Scouts
  • Safety Rodeo 
  • Healthy Lawns and Gardens from the Ground Up Workshop 
  • Smart Plant Choices for Northwest Gardens Workshop 
  • Volunteer Rain Garden Planting Party 
  • Hands-on Natural Yard Care Basics Demonstration 
  • Salmon SEEson North Creek Tour
  • Volunteer Plant Mulching at Parr Creek

Surface Water's booth at Sustainamania

PSSH Booth Sustainamania (JPG)

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Mark your calendar for 2019

Jan. 19: Volunteer Event (Details TBD) 
May 18: Volunteer Event (Details TBD) 
Aug. 10: Sustainamania 
Oct. 19: Volunteer Event (Details TBD)
Save the Date (JPG)