Slurry Seal Work Schedule

Images of slurry seal in Frank Love Neighborhood

Updated Project Dates

Slurry Seal is anticipated to start on Aug. 15 and expected to be complete by Aug. 20. Construction is weather-dependent. Dates may change due to rain or equipment. 

Final Ingredients (Sweeping and Striping)

Street sweeping and swiping are the final ingredients to the process.  Roads will be bumpy for about a year until the streets rough surface becomes smooth as traffic, weather, and street sweepings dislodge the largest and loosest rocks.  The striping after slurry seal will lead to additional minor closures on roadways the week of Aug. 20.

Project Delayed

We apologize for the delays. Equipment is not available on time because a project in another city is taking longer than anticipated. Please see map below for new dates and specific street impacts.

Work scheduled for:  

  • Monday, Aug. 13 moved to Thursday, Aug. 16
  • Tuesday, Aug. 14 moved to Friday, Aug. 17
  • Wednesday, Aug. 15 work has changed.  

Some streets were not completed on Wednesday, Aug. 15 and Friday, Aug. 17.  They are scheduled to be completed on Aug. 20 (see map for specific details).

Mail Delivery

The Post Office will hold mail for the day streets are impacted.  For example, when the project work is happening on Wednesday, Aug. 15 the streets in green (see map below) will not receive mail on that day.  This will continue throughout the project.

Garbage Service

The project work on Thursday, Aug. 16 for the streets noted in red (see map below) will have garbage collection on Friday, Aug. 17. Please do not put carts out for collection until the afternoon/evening of Thursday, Aug. 16.  Recology CleanScapes will be contacting impacted customers by phone the week of Aug. 13.  

Garbage service not collected on Friday can be placed out for collection the following week. Recology CleanScapes will collect double the normal capacity at no additional charge for those impacted customers.  


No parking signs will be posted in the impacted neighborhoods. Revised dates are posted on the signs in neighborhoods.  

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Door Hangers

Impacted residents received door hangers.

Map of road closures 

180820 Slurry Seal Day to Day Map