Apply for

  1. Board or Commission Position

    Become a member of a city board or commission.

  2. Business Licenses

    Get information regarding obtaining a business license in the City of Bothell.

  3. Drivers & Vehicle Licenses

    Find out how to get your Driver License and/or licenses for different vehicles.

  4. Human Services Grants

    Find information on how we are investing in our community.

  5. Jobs

    Locate your perfect job by searching through available employment opportunities.

  6. Passports

    The U.S. government requires all travelers to present a passport for entry or re-entry into the United States.

  7. Permits

    The Building and Permit Services Division is composed of the Protective Inspections, Permit Services and Code Enforcement Sections.

  8. Pet Licenses

    Licensing is required for all dogs and cats age 8 weeks and older in Bothell.

  9. Public Records Request

    Make a request for public records.

  10. Recycling Event Voucher

    Certain items need vouchers in order to be recycled.

  11. Senior Utility Discount (PDF)

    Find out if you qualify for the senior utility discount.

  12. Special Events Permit (PDF)

    A Special Event Permit is required to use any type of a city owned property when certain conditions exist.

  13. Volunteer Opportunities

    The City of Bothell Human Resources department seeks volunteers who are dedicated to making Bothell a better place to live.