7th Ave. SE/88th Ave. NE Non-Motorized Improvements Project

Creating a safer route to Westhill Elementary or Bothell High School along the corridor from NE 203rd St. and 240th St. SE. This project will make it easier for students walking to school by adding:

Paved Walkways

  • Along the west side of 7th Ave. SE and 88th Ave. NE between NE 203th St. and 240th St. SE


  • Crosswalk flashing lights at 88th Ave. NE and NE 203rd St. (east/west direction)
  • Crosswalk with crosswalk flags at 88th Ave. NE and NE 203rd St. (north/south direction)

  • ADA curb ramp upgrades at the intersections of 88th Ave. NE and NE 203rd St. and 7th Ave. SE and 240th St. SE


The project is anticipated to go to bid in May 2019 and begin construction in July 2019. The project is part of the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program.

Vicinity Map