Building two new fire stations

We appreciate the community's support and look forward to bringing you two new fire stations thanks to the passage of Proposition 2, the public safety capital bond. 

The City hired a project manager for the design and construction of the new stations. Design will begin in Fall 2019.

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Key features on the new stations include:

  • Brings safety requirements into compliance, including installing fire sprinklers.
  • Improves decontamination area for personnel and equipment to provide for better firefighter health and safety.
  • Allows for industry-standard separate sleeping quarters for male and female firefighters.
  • Provides space for on-site training and parking.
  • Houses new Police satellite office at the Canyon Park fire station for police officers to be more available to serve North Bothell residents. 

Downtown Fire Station (#42)

Station 42

Canyon Park Station (#45)

Station 45 and rigs