Police Dept Hires

Michael Garcia, Police Officer

When Michael Garcia started putting feelers out for a new job, Bothell PD rose to the top of the list. “I did a tour and a ride along with a Bothell officer and saw how tight knit and community-oriented the department was," says Garcia. "For this line of work, community support and a positive chain of command and peer officers is everything.”2 x 3 Garcia

Garcia is the second hire funded by a voter-approved public safety levy.  He is native to the area but comes to Bothell PD after a year in law enforcement with the Auburn Police Department and 9 years as a Corrections Officer at the King County Jail.

“Being a corrections officer taught me to be a good communicator. Working in a jail is unlike anything else – you’re in the same environment with the same people every single day. Strong communication was the only way to talk things out or down," he says. "For many police officers, talking to people in crisis is new. After working in the jail for 9 years, it’s not startling anymore. It happened every day.”

Despite previous experience in law enforcement, Garcia is beginning 12 weeks of field training led by Bothell Officer Jeremy Wilson. “People would be surprised to know that even though I already know how to be a cop, there is a lot of training that goes into learning how to be a cop in Bothell,” says Garcia. “Right now, I’m learning the Bothell Municipal Codes, what I can and cannot do, and the way the community is set up. The most nerve-wracking part is making sure I mesh well with everyone. This is a very close department.”

Sukhi Kaur, Police Officer

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