Fireworks Safety

Consumer fireworks can be used in Bothell on July 4th between 9am-11pm under the following provisions. If you choose to discharge fireworks this Independence Day, celebrate safely by following the guidelines and best practices that are provided below.

Know the Difference

Know the difference between illegal and legal fireworks. Legal fireworks known as consumer or "Class C" fireworks, are regulated and sold to the general public. Consumer fireworks contain the code UN-336 and can be purchased from any of the fireworks stands you see in Bothell. Illegal fireworks, often purchased on tribal land, are not safe and are prohibited in Washington State anywhere other than tribal land. Click here for a complete list of legal versus illegal fireworks.

Fireworks Image

Celebrate Safely! 

Fireworks of any kind can be dangerous. A majority of fireworks injuries occur from holding fireworks, standing to closely to fireworks, getting hit by debris and attempting to relight dud fireworks. Remember these safety tips when handling fireworks:

  • Always have a responsible, sober adult present
  • Know your fireworks, read the cautionary labels before lighting
  • Always wear eye protection and gloves when using fireworks
  • Never hold a firework in your hand while igniting
  • Do not experiment with homemade fireworks  

Reporting Violations

911 centers tend to become overloaded with non-emergency calls on the Fourth of July. Do not call 911 unless you have a life-threatening emergency and need immediate help. If you would like to report a fireworks violation or have other non-emergency needs, please call Bothell Police’s non-emergency line: (425) 486-1254.  

Patriotic Dog

Leave Your Pets at Home 

Leave your pets at home. If fireworks are being used near your home, place your four-legged friend in a safe interior room to reduce exposure to the sound. Make sure your pet is microchipped and has identification tags in the event they run away from home.