Oct. 19: Orca Recovery Day

Conservation districts across the Puget Sound will celebrate Orca Recovery Day on Oct. 19, and one of them will be celebrating right here in Bothell! Parr Creek is home to a variety of wildlife, including ducks, otters, and beavers. But because of low dissolved oxygen levels and high summer temperatures, Parr Creek needs our help to become more suitable for salmon. Creating healthy streamside habitat will support salmon populations, which in turn, will support our local orcas! Come join City of Bothell and King Conservation District to support this restoration project with your neighbors! Registration is required.
Orca Recovery Day Flyer
All ages are welcome!

Adult supervision

Kids under age 14 must be supervised by an adult. There must be one designated adult volunteer supervisor for every three kids. You are responsible for ensuring each child in your party is being supervised.

Required liability waiver for participants under age 14

Bring this form with you to the event, along with a copy of your insurance card.
Parents or guardians of participants under age 14 must fill out the liability waiver and provide a copy of your insurance card.

Liability waivers for all other participants

If you are 14 and older, you will fill out a separate liability waiver on site when you check in at the event.