Civil Protests and Gatherings


June 23, 2020

Area Protests and Gatherings 

City officials are aware of some community-led protests and gatherings in our area. Updates will be posted here as they become available, but keep in mind we may not have the latest details. For information on traffic impacts or other activity, follow Bothell Police Department’s Twitter feed at @BothellPolice.

Expected Events 

None known at this time

Curfews and Closures

No curfews or guidelines are currently set in place for City of Bothell. Protests thus far have remained peaceful. Thank you Bothell for supporting each other.


A Word From Police Chief Seuberlich 

To our Bothell Community,

This past week we witnessed the needless death of Mr. George Floyd, after being taken into custody by Minneapolis police officers. I watched the video of Mr. Floyd lying cuffed on the ground, with an officer’s knee on his neck, desperately telling the officers that he couldn’t breathe, while other officers did nothing. I was appalled by the callous indifference displayed by officers at the scene to a man’s cry for breath. That is not how anyone should behave, let alone a police officer who swore an oath to protect and more.

See FAQs and police department policies here