Quarterly Budget Reports

The quarterly report provides a concise means of budget oversight in a visual format that quickly conveys both budget progress and status compared to the adopted plan - including fiscal position which is the overall impact of budget inflows (revenues) and outflows (expenditures).


2017-2018 Budget Photo
2017 Fiscal Update Image


2015-2016 Budget Photo


2013-2014 Budget Photo


2011-2012 Budget Photo


2009-2010 Budget Photo


2007-2008 Budget Photo

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General Fund
The General Fund is the major operating fund for the City. It accounts for the vast majority of City operations such as administration, public safety, parks and recreation, and community planning and development services.

General Fund revenues include property, sales, and utility tax, state shared revenues, fines and forfeitures, license and permit fees, and charges for services.

Street Fund
The Street Fund accounts for street maintenance and operations.

The major funding source for the Street Fund is restricted Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax (MVFT).
Capital Improvements Fund
The Capital Improvements Fund accounts for land acquisition and construction of major capital facilities such as buildings or roads.

The Capital Improvements Fund is mostly funded by revenues that are restricted for capital purposes such as real estate excise tax, grants, impact fees, and private sources.