Ham Radio Team

Ham Radio

The goal of the Bothell Ham Radio Team is to provide reliable, licensed, amateur radio services to the city and surrounding areas during a major event when normal lines of communication may fail or be overwhelmed. Ham radio helps make sure vital information gets where it needs to go for the safety and recovery of our community.

Are you already a licensed ham radio technician in the Bothell area? Let us know and join us in helping Bothell continue to be a prepared and resilient community. 

Upcoming Classes and Events

Ham Radio Classes 

Every year, there are a number of Ham Radio classes hosted by Bothell and run by the Lake Washington Ham Club. Check the Lake Washington Ham Club Website for upcoming classes.

Emergency Communications 101 

Emergency Communications 101 is an introductory presentation that covers which communication systems often fail during large events, which forms of communication are most reliable, and the role Bothell's Ham Radio Team plays during a disaster. Attendees will also learn next steps they can take to becoming a ham radio technician. Continue checking back to see when the next Emergency Communications 101 Course will be held.