Ham Radio Team

Ham Radio

The goal of the Bothell Ham Radio Team is to provide reliable, licensed, amateur radio services to the city and surrounding areas during a major event when normal lines of communication may fail or be overwhelmed. Ham radio helps make sure vital information gets where it needs to go for the safety and recovery of our community.

Are you already a licensed ham radio technician in the Bothell area? Let us know and join us in helping Bothell continue to be a prepared and resilient community. 

Upcoming Classes and Events

Emergency Radio Communications in a Disaster

Thursday, October 14th  7-8 pm online Teams meeting: Register Today

Why use radio when we have phones? Storms, floods, earthquakes and other disasters have all shown us that regular communications, like the cell phone system, often fail when we need them most! Join us for a FREE, virtual overview of how FRS, GMRS and Ham radios work, what types are available, their differences and the basic rules for their use.