Information Security Awareness

Securing City, employee and citizen data is done through a comprehensive citywide program that encompasses information security implementation, monitoring, threat and vulnerability management, incident response, business continuity and training for both I.S. staff and all other City staff.

Employees Role in Information Security

New Employees are required to complete an Information Security Training Process that includes reviewing security policies. All employees are required to retrain annually. Visit the Information Security Training Center for more information.

Security Incidents

An information security incident is any event which has the potential to be breach of the City's information security safe guards. If, at any time, you believed data may be jeopardized, report it to Information Services by calling 4310. Often, security incidents are deemed 'benign' or harmless. However, it is important to report anything unusual. Examples would include:

  • A person becomes aware of unauthorized software or data copying
  • A person believes that a password has been compromised
  • A person suspects misuse or date tampering
  • Lost or stolen thumb drives, laptops, cellphones, or media
  • Non city employee discovered using a city computer
  • Other suspicious activity