Stormwater Management Action Plan (SMAP)

Virtual Open House and Comment Period

December 1, 2022 - January 15, 2023 

The comment period has now ended, but you are still able to visit our virtual open house* to learn about the process of creating Bothell's Stormwater Management Action Plan (SMAP). SMAP Open House December 1 - 30, 2022 Opens in new window

*Some of the maps and graphics on the virtual open house site may be slow to load and appear blurry at first, especially if you are viewing them on a mobile device. 

Community Meeting: Learn about the SMAP process

January 12, 2023  |  6:30 - 7:30 p.m.  

Thank you to those who attended and asked great questions during this community meeting. If you missed the meeting, you can watch the recording below or on YouTube.

About the Stormwater Management Action Plan (SMAP) 

As part of the Clean Water Act National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), the Washington State Department of Ecology requires the City to implement the Stormwater Management Action Planning (SMAP) process as outlined in the Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit. The goal of the SMAP process is to achieve water quantity and quality improvements in a specific body of water by prioritizing actions on the land that drains to it. 

What is coming in the SMAP process? 

The SMAP is being developed by your stormwater management team at the City using the process shown in the following infographic. The City has completed the Receiving Water Assessment and Receiving Water Prioritization. Bothell is currently in the process of selecting projects, policy and code changes, and management actions to improve water quality in the chosen Lower North Creek watershed basin and Palm Creek catchment area.

SMAP Process Infographic Opens in new window