Security Incidents - Your Role

What is a Security Incident?

An information security incident is any event which has the potential to be breach of the City's information security safeguards.

Circumstances to Report an Incident

Any time that you believe data may be jeopardized, you should report the incident or threat to Information Services. Often, security incidents are deemed 'benign' or harmless. However, it is important to report anything unusual. Examples may include:
  • lost or stolen thumb drives, laptops, cell phones, or media
  • Non City employee discovered using a city computer
  • Potential that any person's password has been compromised
  • Potential misuse of or tampering with data
  • Suspected unauthorized software or data copying
  • Any other suspicious activity or suspected data threat

How Do I Report an Incident?

Because the need to address a security incident can be immediate, please contact Information Services immediately via phone at extension 6170.