City Interactive Maps


COBMap is a mapping application that enables the community to access a large variety of Bothell geographic information using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can create custom maps, research utilities, find property information, and much more.


City of Bothell Construction Projects

Explore City of Bothell construction projects in design phase, under construction or recently completed. This map now includes Safe Streets projects!

Last update: November 2018
City of Bothell Capital Improvement & Safe Streets Projects

City of Bothell Parks Map Tour

Take a tour of the parks, trails and sportsfields in the City of Bothell.
City of Bothell Parks Map Tour

Private Development Projects

Explore private development projects under city review, with obtained preliminary approval, or under construction.

Last update: April 2018


City of Bothell Annexation History 

Take a trip a through time and explore Bothell's annexation history. Be patient! The first annexation appears in 1937. 

City of Bothell Annexation History

Crime Mapping

View valuable information about crime activity in Bothell local neighborhoods by visiting our crime mapping website.