Special Event Permit

Planning a Special Event on City Property

Thank you for choosing Bothell as your event destination!

If you are planning a special event that will take place on a public street, sidewalk, park or other public place in Bothell, you may need to apply for a Special Event Permit. Please read below to identify the requirements for your event:

Special Event Permit is required to use any type of a city owned property when one or more of the following conditions exists (BMC 5.06):

  1. The proposed event is reasonably likely to involve more than 75 people;
  2. The proposed event is reasonably likely to require City personnel for road closures, traffic control, crowd control, or other safety and logistical support;
  3. Public rights of way are impeded by the event’s activities.
  4. The proposed event requires approval from two (2) or more City departments;
  5. Special circumstances which require (1) the coordination of multiple uses of public property; (2) assuring the preservation of public property and public places; (3) prevention of dangerous, unlawful or impermissible uses; and/or (4) protection of the safety of persons and property around the event; as determined by the City Manager or designee.

Special Event Permit Application

For events taking place in 2022, please complete the Special Event Permit application and submit it, along with all supporting materials, to Shelby Krogh, Volunteer & Special Event Coordinator. 

Applications are due at least 60 days prior to the event date. 

We understand that a great deal of planning goes into every event. Whether it’s a marathon, cultural celebration, or festival, our Special Event Review Team is available to help guide you throughout the application process so that you can bring people together safely and successfully. The Special Event Review Team reviews all applications to gain an understanding of the full scope of your event, and the City's Special Event Coordinator serves as your primary contact during the review process. If you have any questions about the process, or whether or not your event requires a permit, contact Shelby Krogh for further assistance.


A cost estimate for your event will be provided, by way of an Event Invoice, after a complete application has been submitted and reviewed by the Special Event Review Team. Permits will not be issued until fees have been paid.

Application Fee

The nonrefundable Special Event Permit application fee is set forth in the 2022 Fee Schedule (Resolution No 1420):

  • Small Event (100-200 participants, or a race):  $300*
  • Large Event (200+ participants, or a parade of any size):  $675*
  • Additional Review: $200 (Applicable when event permit has already been issued, but review must be reopened due to communicated changes to event.)

*Special Event Permit fees can also be negotiated with Director or designee if event can address a community need. 

Facility Rental Fees (if applicable)

Facility rental fees, in addition to Special Event Permit fees, will apply for events using City of Bothell parks, opens spaces, and plazas. Facility rental fees can be found in the 2022 Park User Fee Schedule as well as the 2022 Fee Schedule.

Carnival/Fair Fire Permit Fee (if applicable)

A Fire Permit may be required, in addition to the Special Event Permit, if your event utilizes tents, canopies, air-inflated structures, or generators. Tents, canopies, air-inflated structures, and generators must be set-up, distanced, and powered in a way that ensures the safety of all participants. More information can be found in this informational handout, which was created by the City's Community Risk Reduction/Fire Prevention team. The Special Event Review Team has representatives from the City's Community Risk Reduction/Fire Prevention team who will determine if a Fire Permit is required for your event. Please be sure to provide a detailed and labeled site map with your Special Event Permit application if you anticipate using tents, canopies, air-inflated structures, or generators at your event. Please note that Fire Permits require a separate application through MyBuildingPermit, and will need to be obtained in addition to the Special Event Permit. Fire Permit fees can be found in the 2022 Fire Fee Schedule

Mobile Food Vending Permit Fee (if applicable)

All mobile food vendors that do business in Bothell are expected to follow fire safety guidelines and must obtain a Mobile Food Vending Permit from the City of Bothell - with the exception of vendors that do not utilize liquid propane gas or compressed natural gas, or that do not cook onsite. Mobile food vendors will be inspected prior to the start of an event. Mobile Food Vending Permits are effective for one year from the date of issuance, and can be applied for through MyBuildingPermit by either the food vendor or an event coordinator. Mobile food vendors that have been issued a Mobile Food Vending Permit from a neighboring jurisdiction will receive a 50% reduction in their City of Bothell permit fee IF the other permit is uploaded at the time of application. Please note that Mobile Food Vending Permits require a separate application, and will need to be obtained in addition to the Special Event Permit and/or Fire Permit. Fire Permit fees can be found in the 2022 Fire Fee Schedule.  

Other fees may apply. Event organizers are responsible for all associated costs with their event, including but not limited to rental equipment and traffic control device fees, waste receptacle and removal fees, EMT/security service fees, and business license fees.