Downtown Revitalization Plan

The revitalization of downtown Bothell is underway.

The plan, launched in 2006, capitalizes on the historic charm of the City's Main Street, bringing new retail, offices and creating housing in the downtown district.

In total, the City has sold nearly 650,000 square feet of land for development, with over 300,000 square feet to be sold, consistent with the vision the Bothell community established. Several properties are currently on the market. The City itself has completed public investments of over $150 million.

The result of these public investments will be a fully integrated and pedestrian-friendly downtown that respects the City's heritage and creates a destination and gathering place for area residents, employees and visitors.

Downtown Development Map

Downtown Revitalization Area Map

Aerial Photos

Downtown Development over the years - watch the slideshow to see the progression!

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Private Development

For more information on Private Development, visit the new interactive mapping page for Private Development Projects.