Licensing Requirements

Before the City of Bothell can issue a permit, we require the contractor to have, or apply for, a City of Bothell business license.

To apply for a City of Bothell business license:

Complete a Business License Application Form (PDF).

Return the form with associated fees to:

Community Development Department
18415 101st Avenue NE
Bothell, WA 98011

Please contact Community Development at 425-806-6400 with any questions regarding new business licenses.

Provide a notarized copy of general contractor's state license

In addition to obtaining a City of Bothell business license, the contractor must provide the City of Bothell Community Development Department with a notarized copy (a statement and seal by a notary verifying the copy is a true and correct copy of the original) of their current general contractors state license, or the contractor may bring in their original state contractors license and the City can make a copy.

View the General Contractors State License (PDF).


Owner Exempt from License Requirements

When the scope of work being permitted is to be done by only the property owner without the use of a contractor, no licenses are required to be obtained.