Main Street Extension

News & project updates

October 2, 2017
In summer 2016, the City demolished a strip mall located on a property (Block D) that lies along the future extension of Main Street. Environmental cleanup of the site is still underway, which is a lengthy process. Once the site is cleaned up, future development can begin.

Extension will be built by private developer
The extension of Main Street will be built by the Block D and SHAG developers. 


This is an important transportation project in the Downtown Revitalization Plan.  It creates a vital east-west connection and completes the city street/block grid.  Extending Main Street to the west will tie the historic portion of Main Street to the new development west of Bothell Way NE.

It will pull the Bothell Regional Library into the downtown core.  Together with the Crossroads project, it will create a new City block between 98th Avenue NE and Bothell Way NE east-to-west and Main Street and SR 522 north-to-south.
The conceptual phase of the project began in early 2009 to help the City set the proposed roadway alignment and streetscape concept.  It is anticipated that final design and construction will be undertaken by developers of the adjacent parcels. 

Key elements

The opportunity to build this new street, extending Main Street one block westward to 98th Avenue NE, comes as a result of the realignment of Bothell Way (SR 522). The Extension’s streetscape design will provide continuity with the existing historic Main Street by addressing the following key elements and features:

  • Gathering areas/public spaces
  • Wide pedestrian-friendly sidewalks
  • Additional parking
  • Maintaining the street character
  • Promoting business visibility
  • High-visibility crosswalks
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Flexible use zones