Spills and Drainage

How to report a spill or illicit discharges

Call the Spill Hotline at 425-806-6750 to report a spill or illicit discharge. This phone number is answered day and night. Learn what qualifies as a spill. 

Why reporting spills matters 

Spills to our roads and storm drains are carried through our stormwater drainage system to local streams where they cause problems for people, pets, and the environment. We need to know about spills so we can try to contain them before they reach our local streams and other bodies of water.

Illicit discharge
Spill Hotline 425-806-6750 (PNG)

Drainage inspections   

We conduct stormwater drainage inspections as part of our ongoing program and upon request.

Report a drainage issue

Submit an online form to tell us about your drainage concern. When we receive a report about a drainage issue, we inspect the location thoroughly and promptly to help resolve any issues to the best of our ability.

Learn more about stormwater runoff and options to help manage it.

Does your storm system need maintenance or repairs?

If City of Bothell staff notified you that your storm system needs maintenance and/or repairs, here is some information about drainage system maintenance service contractors with a business license and city endorsement that permits them to perform services within Bothell's city limits. We update this list every August. City of Bothell has no affiliation with the contractors and does not guarantee the quality of service or otherwise endorse any of the contractors.

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Managing Stormwater Runoff