Pavement Overlay 2016

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New lane configuration for North Creek Parkways

November 23, 2016
Thank you to all the drivers in the business park for your patience with the pavement repair work along North Creek Parkways. The paving and striping work is finished and you’ve probably noticed the new lane configuration.
  • There is now one travel lane in each direction after transitions at the intersections with NE 195th Street and 120th Ave NE
  • The outside (right hand) shoulders are separated from the travel lane with a solid edge line and are not intended to be driven on or parked on

Why the change?

Based on the funds available, the City had two choices:
  • Pave both lanes in each direction as far as the funds would allow, covering approximately 65% of the entire business park lanes
  • Pave only one lane in either direction, the entire length, and do some spot repairs for drainage issues
The City did a traffic study to see if a single travel lane in each direction would meet the traffic flow needs. The traffic study data indicated that one lane in either direction supports the current volume and the potential 100% occupancy volume of the business park. The project team met with the business park property management at the end of March to present the City’s plans and discuss how this would change the configuration. The pavement in front of most driveways was repaired to the same level as the new lanes to create smooth transitions for drivers and to hold up to the traffic volumes.

The City recently posted signage at either end of the business park indicating the new traffic pattern. The outside shoulder is not a driving lane; vehicles exiting the driveways should not turn into this lane.

This section view shows the typical new pavement layout in the business park. The plan view indicates the shoulder areas.
  1. Project description
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Project description

As part of Bothell’s annual Pavement Preservation Program, the City identified three street segments that could benefit from an asphalt overlay and repairs: 
  • 120th Ave NE from NE 195th St to 132nd Ave NE
  • North Creek Parkway and North Creek Parkway N
  • Settlement area on 120th Ave NE / 39th Ave SE, just north of North Creek Parkway N

Public impacts

During construction, there will be temporary lane closures and lane shifts for paving work.  These closures will generally occur between 9 am and 3 pm, but could occasionally be longer.  See traffic alerts for this project.
City staff has contacted local business and property owners along these road segments to talk about the traffic impacts.