Permits, Licenses & Applications

  1. Business Licenses

  2. Concealed Pistol License Application & Information

    Washington State Law requires that you apply for a CPL (concealed pistol license) to the jurisdiction where you reside.

  3. Drivers & Vehicle Licenses

    Find out how to get your Driver License and/or licenses for different vehicles.

  4. Fire Permits

    Bothell Fire and E.M.S. administers fire and life safety regulations for all properties within Bothell city limits.

  5. Permit Center

    The Building and Permit Services Division is composed of the Protective Inspections, Permit Services and Code Enforcement Sections.

  6. Pet Licenses

    Licensing is required for all dogs and cats age 8 weeks and older in Bothell.

  7. Special Events Permit (PDF)

    A Special Event Permit is required to use any type of a city owned property when certain conditions exist.