Pay Your Water/Sewer Bill Online

Paying your water bill has never been easier. Simply login, enter the amount, and pay. Other forms of payment are also available including mail, drop off, in person, or via telephone.

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Garbage Service

Find your hauler. Determine your pickup day. Schedule special pickups.


Shred events. Voucher programs. Business recycling, and more.

Sewer Service

Find your sewer service provider. Prevent backups by learning what not to flush. Keep City sewer lines clear by learning about our Fats, Oils, Grease program. Get basic information on how to address sewer issues.

Storm Water and Surface Water Management

Surface water (Stormwater) staff works to protect our local streams through storm system inspection, maintenance, construction oversight, stream monitoring, and education and outreach opportunities to foster healthy watershed stewardship.  

Utility Billing

Find your service provider. Learn to use our bill pay service. Set up electronic billing. Learn about billing rates, water usage, and low income discounts for seniors.

Water Service

Find your service provider. Learn about water conservation. Get information about backflow testing. Read our Water Quality Report. Get basic information on how to address water issues.