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Salmon "Seeson"

Each fall, salmon make the long trek to spawn in streams and rivers across the Puget Sound region. Consider taking a few minutes to watch their extraordinary journey by checking out one of more than a dozen locations around the area where you can see fish. Some locations may even have volunteers on hand to help you spot the fish and to answer your questions.  

Local salmon hot spot

Salmon love North Creek! Look for Chinook in September, Sockeye in October, and Coho in November as they migrate up North Creek.

Want to venture farther?

Check out some of the most popular salmon viewing areas throughout Puget Sound.

Are you a Salmon Watcher who wants to share your knowledge?

We aren't offering Salmon Watcher training this year because the program no longer has funding, but if you've already taken the training and would like to volunteer as a guide during Salmon "SEEson," please contact us with your availability. We're looking for several volunteers to talk to visitors along North Creek, and you can pick the date and time that works best for you.

Local salmon experts Orlay Johnson and Jim Myers explain the challenges and triumphs of salmon in North Creek.

Video credit: Laura Howard, Miami University, 2016