218th St SE at 35th Ave SE

Road closure Apr. 5 - 19

Greenstone Heights (Palm Creek) project

The Greenstone Heights project, also known as Palm Creek, is a private development project that includes building a new road on 218th St SE. To build this road, the contractor must close both lanes on 218th St SE just west of 35th Ave SE. This closure will last 24 hours a day from Apr. 5 at 7 a.m. until Apr. 19 at 3 p.m. View the neighborhood notice and map.

Suggested detour

Drivers may use 220th St SE and 35th Ave SE.

Temporary road closure

Affected roads Details Dates Time

218th St SE

- from 35th Ave SE to about 160' west of intersection
Road closed Apr. 5 - 19 24/7

Road closure map (click to enlarge)

218th St SE Traffic Control Plan (JPG)

Project area (click to enlarge)

220th St SE & 35th Ave SE Road Closures (JPG)