Safe Streets & Sidewalks Levy

Our mission and vision

Maintaining safe streets and school walk routes for a better Bothell.

A nine-year levy funding program to respond to the community’s request for safe streets and school walk routes. Using a comprehensive evaluation process to determine economic improvement opportunities.

News & updates

The 2021 Safe Streets & Sidewalks Annual Report and Financial Update is here! Read the report.

You talked, we listened

You told us that safety and mobility improvements should be a top priority. The nine-year Safe Streets & Sidewalk levy addresses your concerns by funding street maintenance and safety improvements for neighborhood streets and arterials, including resurfacing, school walk routes, sidewalks, and crosswalks.

  1. What the program includes
  2. Where the money goes
Safe Streets & Sidewalks restores lost funding and targets priority projects throughout Bothell:
  • Improving the condition of major streets
  • Constructing sidewalks and crosswalks around schools
  • Asphalt patching and sidewalk repair and replacement
  • Fully funding Street Operations
  • Improving pavement marking, including striping