Safe School Walk Routes

About the Safe School Walk Routes (SSWR) program

The idea for this program sprang from the City's Sidewalk & Crosswalk Program. SSWR's goal is to work closely with Bothell schools to identify needs and provide safe walking routes for students.
  1. Arterial pavement condition and school locations

    See a snapshot of good, fair, and poor arterial pavement conditions and proximity to Bothell's public and private schools.

  2. Safe School Walk Routes Taskforce

    The Safe School Walk Routes Taskforce is made up of representatives from Bothell schools. The purpose is to maintain a line of communications between the schools and the City to make sure Safe School Walk Routes needs are clearly understood.

  3. Pedestrian Flags Crosswalk Program

    The levy provides funds for a pedestrian safety flag program for school crosswalks throughout Bothell.

  4. What is the budget for Safe School Walk Routes?

    The City has an annual construction budget for sidewalks and crosswalks. Part of that budget is designated specifically for the Safe School Walk Routes program and its projects.