Safe School Walk Routes Task Force

What is it?

The Safe School Walk Routes (SSWR) Task Force is a group of representatives from K-12 schools in Bothell. The group's goal is to develop a prioritized project list based upon schools' needs. We created the task force to maintain a line of communication between the schools and the City to make sure SSWR needs are clearly understood.

Primary objectives of the task force

  1. Identifying school needs
  2. Determining safe school walk routes criteria and prioritization process
  3. Developing a list of prioritized project using adopted criteria and prioritization process

Task Force members

SSWR Task Force 4.17.17 (JPG)
  1. What do members do?
  2. Who are the members?
  • Act as liaisons to the agencies, organizations, or stakeholder groups they represent, gather and share information, and solicit feedback
  • Facilitate the identification of pedestrian needs specific to their organizations or agencie
  • Serve as ongoing champions for implementation of the SSWR project list