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Sep 14

Amazon in Bothell?

Posted to City Manager by Barbara Ramey

Recent excitement about Amazon’s announcement that they are seeking a location for a second headquarters has prompted speculation and discussions about opportunities in our region.

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Sep 01

Improving transparency and access

Posted to Council Corner by Barbara Ramey

By Davina Duerr
Duerr-lgr Our lives are hectic with commutes, jobs, kids and so much else. Few people have the time to keep up with City Council meetings. Yet your city government affects your life in many ways, from emergency services to the roads you drive and taxes you pay. 

City Councilmembers are elected to be stewards of Bothell and to represent you. To do that well we need open and frequent communication. My focus in the last 20 months has been improving Council transparency and access.

My weekly email newsletters summarize decisions made by the Council, study session discussions and various issues such as impact fees or affordable housing.  Regional committee meeting reports outline what we’re doing to further Bothell’s interests. It’s important that Bothell is at the table as regional decisions are made.  Please email me to get on the distribution list.

Check out the City of Bothell website for information on events, Council meetings and various City projects. Councilmembers’ committees are now listed below their names on their webpages, so you can contact Councilmembers who are involved in specific issues.

Timestamping of our council meeting videos makes it easier for viewers to find and view specific agenda items quickly. 

Quarterly Council Conversations at the Bothell library provide a venue to engage with me and sometimes other councilmembers, the City Manager, department directors and staff. This is an opportunity to ask your questions and bring your ideas to us. It is our opportunity to update you on the latest city projects and other issues that we are tackling. 

The last 20 months have been a huge learning curve for me. Thanks to all those who have been in touch with your opinions and concerns. Your contact with Councilmembers is important and helps us best serve the interests of the residents of Bothell. Please feel free to talk to us during Visitor Comment at Council meetings, on the phone, in person or by email. Engaged citizens are the key to a healthy community.

Mar 06

Don't get snagged by email "phishing" scams

Posted to Tech Blog by Michele Woodhouse

Scammers send "phishing" emails to trick you into giving out personal information. Find out how to protect yourself and learn about trending scams.  

One common scam prompts you to sign into your email account using a link in the body of the message. The link actually does not take you to your email service site, but rather the scammers' site. Once you click on the link and attempt to log into your email, the scammer immediately gets your email login and password. The scammer now has access to all your email and can even send mail that looks like it's from you to trick your friends and family.  

Scammers often do a good job of making these emails look legitimate. The messages might seem to come from your bank, an attorney, or even somebody you know. 

Tips to protect yourself from phishing email scams:  

  • Never open and email attachment or click on a link in an email unless 1) You know who it’s from and 2) You are expecting it.  

  • Never click on a link in an email without first hovering your mouse over the link to see where the link will actually take you.  

  • Take a close look at the ‘from’ address. For example, ‘’ is not the same as ‘’. Scammers will try to fool you by creating an email address that is similar to a legitimate one.  

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