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Feb 24

Looking forward to engaging with you

Posted to City Manager by Barbara Ramey

What an exciting way to begin 2017, as your new City Manager! I have spent my first two months getting to know staff, meeting community members and familiarizing myself with the wonderful City of Bothell.

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Feb 24

Respectfully agreeing to disagree

Posted to Council Corner by Barbara Ramey

by Joshua Freed

Joshua FreedElections are a great example of the liberty we enjoy, and help preserve the freedom we cherish. Each election has a result that one side celebrates and the other side potentially feels slighted or disappointed.
The most recent national election has both sides thinking deeply about certain issues of importance. Though many may not see eye to eye, we can certainly stand together for the love of our county and the deep cultural diversity that makes us strong.

Immigration is the bedrock of how our country was founded so many years ago. People were fleeing from oppression of their religion and other repressive actions.
Deep divides in the immigration conversation come when either side of the argument reduces themselves to hateful speech. Both sides are guilty of quick judgment, whether it be claims of bigotry and racism or hate-filled labels and name-calling, or even worse.

We have risen out of great adversity in this county and will continue to do so with each challenge that comes before us. At the core of our fabric are people who will stand against hate while seeking understanding of perspectives and allowing for productive debate. 

Our personal and family stories are powerful and it is our obligation to share them. It is right and proper that we listen and do our best to understand the struggles around us as we may find more common ground to pull us closer than push us apart. We don’t have to like everyone we meet but we certainly should love them.

Even though someone doesn't agree with your viewpoint doesn't make them evil. Freedom in America allows for differing opinions on topics but we must keep the conversation respectful.

Certainly we can find common ground so that no one becomes a victim of hate and is cast from the conversation.
Mar 06

Don't get snagged by email "phishing" scams

Posted to Tech Blog by Michele Woodhouse

Scammers send "phishing" emails to trick you into giving out personal information. Find out how to protect yourself and learn about trending scams.  

One common scam prompts you to sign into your email account using a link in the body of the message. The link actually does not take you to your email service site, but rather the scammers' site. Once you click on the link and attempt to log into your email, the scammer immediately gets your email login and password. The scammer now has access to all your email and can even send mail that looks like it's from you to trick your friends and family.  

Scammers often do a good job of making these emails look legitimate. The messages might seem to come from your bank, an attorney, or even somebody you know. 

Tips to protect yourself from phishing email scams:  

  • Never open and email attachment or click on a link in an email unless 1) You know who it’s from and 2) You are expecting it.  

  • Never click on a link in an email without first hovering your mouse over the link to see where the link will actually take you.  

  • Take a close look at the ‘from’ address. For example, ‘’ is not the same as ‘’. Scammers will try to fool you by creating an email address that is similar to a legitimate one.  

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