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Citizen Action Request

  1. Citizen Action Request

    Use this form to request services or report problems related to Public Works. This includes issues about water, sewer, streets,... More…

Community Development

  1. Citizen Complaint Form

    Thank you for taking the time to report a code enforcement concern. Once you complete this form, we will forward it to the City's Code... More…

Parks and Recreation Forms

  1. Class Registration Form

    Please submit this form to register for classes offered by the City of Bothell Parks and Recreation Department.

  2. Picnic Shelter Reservation Form

    This form is used to reserve picnic shelters at Blyth Park, Cedar Grove Park, and Centennial Park

  3. Summer Concert Series - Band Submission
  1. North Creek School House
  2. Summer 2017 Art Show Application

Police Department

  1. Police Services Feedback
  2. Submit a Crime Tip

    Do you have a tip or a lead that would help the Police Department prevent a crime or solve a crime that has already happened? We would... More…

  1. Report a Parking or Traffic Enforcement Issue

    Use this form to report parking, speeding, or other traffic enforcement issues.

Public Works

  1. Concrete & Asphalt
  2. Drainage Concern Questionnaire
  3. Main Street Revitalization Business Outreach Materials

    This form is for Main Street businesses to request free outreach materials (posters, punch cards, coupon cards, etc.) from the City... More…

  4. Request for Tap & Connection Charges

    To find out whether tap & connection charges exist for a parcel or address within Bothell's city limits, fill out this form. Check to... More…

  5. Sustainamania Sponsor Form

    If you have an interest in being a sponsor for the 2018 Sustainamania event, please complete this form. Send your sponsorship check... More…

  6. Wastemobile Checklist Request

    This a form to request a wastemobile checklist be sent to you. The checklist makes it easier to identify items you can take to the... More…

  1. CTR Registration

    This form is for City of Bothell employees only. It must be completed annually to participate in the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR)... More…

  2. Garbage Service Questions/Missed Pickup
  3. Request for Sustainability Outreach Staffer

    You are submitting a request for a booth at an event, a classroom speaker or other educational activity or material.

  4. Sustainamania Registration Form (Non-Food Booth)

    Complete this form to request a booth for the Sustainamania event. If you're a vendor that will be selling items, your booth fee is... More…

  5. Volunteering

Traffic Signals and Transportation Issues

  1. Report a Traffic Signal or General Transportation Issue

    Use this form to report problems with traffic signal timing and other general concerns about transportation.

Website Feedback

  1. Website Feedback Form

    Have you found an error on the website? Do you have a suggestion? Submit your comments.