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Parks and Recreation Forms

  1. BioBlitz Bothell event registration
  2. Class Registration Form

    Please submit this form to register for classes offered by the City of Bothell Parks and Recreation Department.

  3. Formal Use Field Request

    For ongoing use throughout a season, or groups scheduling four (4) or more dates.

  4. Lytle House Rental Application
  5. Park Reservation Request
  6. Summer Concert Series - Band Submission
  1. Bothell Adult Softball Survey
  2. Concessions Request

    For groups wishing to sell concessions (food, merchandise, etc.) at a tournament or event.

  3. Informal Use Field Request

    For groups scheduling three (3) or less dates.

  4. North Creek Schoolhouse Rental Application
  5. Recreation Program Proposal
  6. Tournament Request

    For groups wishing to schedule a tournament at the North Creek Sportsfields.