Public Works


City Hall
18415 101st Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011

City Hall
18415 101st Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011



Name Title Email Phone
Abubakkar, Radhika Administrative Assistant 425-806-6802
Adamek, Scott Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6824
Bartman, Jack Senior Capital Projects Engineer 425-471-8452
Bateman, Nancy Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6827
Bauer, Bill Senior Construction Inspector 425-471-4684
Behrens, Chris Senior Capital Projects Construction Inspector 425-806-6781
Benson, Boyd Utilities/Development Division Manager 425-806-6789
Boswell, Ingrid Records Specialist 425-806-6804
Carter, Roger Senior Construction Inspector 425-806-6780
Copeland, Allyx Capital Project Engineer 425-419-3779
Cox, Christi (she/her) Surface Water Program Coordinator 425-806-6790
Esterholt, Aaron Surface Water Inspector 425-806-6793
Fry, Jennifer Administrative Services Manager 425-806-6844
Geer, Janet Surface Water Supervising Engineer 425-806-6796
Goong, Sherman Transportation Planner 425-806-6774
Gyi, Khin Senior Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6826
Holbrook, Rob Surface Water Program Coordinator - IDDE 425-806-6775
Hu, Rita Senior Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6828
Jorna, Johan Development Review Engineer 425-806-6822
Kennedy, Briana Code Compliance Officer- Public Works 425-806-6782
Khan, Wasim Development Review Transportation Engineer 425-806-6773
Leonhart, Erin Public Works Director 425-806-6810
Low, Eddie City Engineer 425-806-6811
Mahmoud, Jamal Transportation Operations Engineer 425-806-6772
McCadden, Robert Capital Project Engineer 425-471-9300
Morikawa, Steve Capital Division Manager 425-806-6820
Ogard, Cameron Engineering Technician 425-806-6787
O'Neill, Brenda Capital Projects Engineer 425-806-6831
Pearson, Peter Development Review Engineer 425-806-6786
Phelps, Dave Senior Development Review Engineer 425-806-6821
Roberts, Ryan Supervising Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6823
Royal, Amanda Surface Water Program Coordinator - Water Quality 425-806-6792
Russell, Keith Senior Capital Projects Construction Inspector 425-806-6779
Rybacki, Gunnar Senior Surface Water Inspector 425-806-6794
Schols, Henk Senior Construction Inspector 425-806-6777
Program Coordinator, Surface Water Education & Outreach  
Torrie, Jason Supervising Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6832
Varner, David Associate Engineer 425-806-6791
Warnock, Emily Sustainability and Engagement Coordinator 425-471-0571
Whitford, Dan Senior Construction Inspector  
Zhu, Yongqing Senior Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6830

Bothell Operations Center 

21233 20th Ave SE
Bothell, WA 98021


Name Title Email Phone
Baltzell, Matt Lead Maintenance Worker - Streets Division 425-806-6863
Brandenburg, Jaclynn Deputy Public Works Director, Operations 425-806-6852
Ellersick, David Lead Building Maintenance Specialist 425-806-6860
Holte, Chad Operations Manager - Street 425-806-6844
Parks, Brian Operations Manager - Storm 425-806-6854
Peck, Dave Public Works Maintenance Specialist 425-488-0118
Peddy, Dan Operations Manager - Water/Sewer 425-488-0118
Samuelson, Virginia Administrative Assistant 425-806-6845
Smith, Matt Interim Operations Manager - Water/Sewer 425-806-6839
Sperry, Jeff Fleet & Facilities Manager 425-806-6856
VanCitters, David Public Works Maintenance Specialist 425-488-0118

Utility Billing 

18415 101st Ave. NE
Bothell, WA 98011

18415 - 101st Ave. NE
Bothell, WA 98011



Name Title Email Phone
McDermott, Kassie Utility Billing Program Specialist 425-806-6890
Suckut, Jennifer Utility Billing Program Specialist - Lead 425-806-6889

24/7 Spill Hotline 

Bothell, WA 98011


Link: Learn how and what to report.

Please call us right away if you see a spill. We need to try to contain it before it reaches any storm drains or local streams.