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1. What are Propositions 1 & 2: the Bothell Public Safety Levy and Bond?
2. What public safety services does the City of Bothell currently provide?
3. What’s the problem with public safety service funding?
4. What programs and services do the propositions fund and how much will they cost residents?
5. Why are these propositions proposed now?
6. How do the propositions respond to community priorities?
7. Why doesn’t Bothell’s population growth directly pay for needed public safety services? Why are voters being asked to decide on additional funding through Propositions 1 & 2?
8. Why is funding for a maintenance position needed related to rebuilding two fire stations?
9. When will these measures be on the ballot?
10. How long will the propositions be in effect?
11. If either or both of the propositions pass, will the funds be used for other City of Bothell needs?
12. How do I learn more?