Prioritizing the projects

The Sidewalk & Crosswalk Program staff analyzed GIS data and inspected approximately 87 miles of sidewalks and 833 curb ramps in 2015. Projects are evaluated for inclusion in the long-term program and prioritized based on the vision and goals of the Imagine Bothell... Comprehensive Plan and this criteria:

  • ADA non-compliance
  • Citizen request
  • Collision data
  • Missing sidewalk and curb ramps
  • Proximity of low income housing
  • Proximity of public services
  • Proximity to School zone
  • Street classification

The current priority list includes approximately 2180 projects. The list is reviewed annually and adjusted as conditions change. Installing sidewalks costs about $300 to $1,000 per linear foot depending on whether storm drainage, curb/gutter, and availability of right-of-way must be considered.