Safer Cleaning

Some household products can harm people, animals, and the environment. If you’re tidying up, label your hazardous waste products to prevent harm to kids, properly dispose of old hazardous cleaners, and try greener alternatives!

How can you tell if a product is hazardous?

If you see DANGER, POISON, CAUTION, TOXIC, or WARNING on the label, the product is hazardous.

Help keep your kids safe by labeling hazardous materials with Mr. Yuk stickers and teaching them not to touch or eat items with an unhappy face. If you are storing any hazardous chemicals, make sure that they are not sitting on a basement or garage floor in case of flooding.

If accidental exposure occurs, call the Washington Poison Center for assistance at 800-222-1222.

Mr. Yuk
Safer Cleaning Infographic

Disposing of Hazardous Cleaners

Household hazardous waste requires special care. Protect humans, wildlife, and your local streams by keeping hazardous chemicals out of Bothell’s storm drains. Just remember – Only Rain Down the Drain!

Instead, properly dispose of household hazardous waste at fixed hazardous waste collection sites or the traveling Wastemobile.

Choose a Greener Cleaner

Replace your old hazardous cleaners with non-toxic cleaning supplies by making your own safer cleaners