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City of Bothell Water team holding the 2023 King County Best Tasting Water Award

City of Bothell Judged Best Tasting Water in King County

Bothell walked away with top honors at the 11th Annual Best Tasting Water Competition. This event is held each year to highlight the hard work our cities and districts perform to provide safe, clean and good-tasting water to the residents of King County. Read more...

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The City of Bothell provides high quality, clean water to 8,500 households and businesses.  We obtain our water from Seattle Public Utilities, which is sourced from the Tolt and Cedar River Watersheds.

The City of Bothell is responsible for the operation and maintenance of more than 93 miles of water mains, four reservoirs, four pumping stations, and bi-monthly reading of over 4,000 meters.

Other water utilities provide water services to the remaining households and businesses.

Water Quality Report / Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

The Water Quality Report, also known as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), contains important information regarding the source of your drinking water, how it is treated, and where you can learn more about your water. Annual reports are released each July.

Read the report.