Water Service

Cedar River Watershed Masonry Pool

The City of Bothell provides high quality, clean water to 8,500 households and businesses.  We obtain our water from Seattle Public Utilities, which is sourced from the Tolt and Cedar River Watersheds.

The City of Bothell is responsible for the operation and maintenance of more than 93 miles of water mains, four reservoirs, four pumping stations, and bi-monthly reading of over 4,000 meters.

Other water utilities provide water services to the remaining households and businesses.

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Find your water service provider

There are multiple water districts operating within the City of Bothell and in the immediate vicinity.  You will need to determine your water service provider prior to requesting service.  

Water Conservation

Water conservation includes identifying and preventing wasted water. We offer tips and videos to help you do your part to conserve water at home, work and school.

Freezing Pipes - Prevention

When a pipe freezes, moisture or water standing in the pipes creates a blockage as additional water backs up in the pipe.  Water expands as it freezes and places additional pressure on your pipes while it is expanding, potentially cracking or breaking pipes. When the frozen water returns to its liquid state, the water begins leaking out of cracks and breaks. Sometimes the crack is small but, over time, it can cause as much damage as a gushing leak.  Often times, these pipes are located inside walls or under your house.  They are always costly fixes, sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars.  Click here to learn more about preventing freezing pipes.

Water Quality Report / Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

This report, published in 2021 for the year 2020, is released every July.  

The Water Quality Report, also known as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), contains important information regarding the source of your drinking water, how it is treated, and where you can learn more about your water.  

Click here to view the Water Quality page.